With over 3000 residential properties under Management, Adivo Property Services specialises in the care of UK properties for overseas investor landlords and holiday home owners

Our customers need to have the peace of mind that should anything go wrong with their asset in the UK then there is a dedicated, reliable and cost effective team to manage the problem before it becomes a crisis.

We offer a range of Management packages and often can tailor one to our client needs but the most standard ones for overseas holiday home owners  include:

Platinum: Weekly visit to the vacant property to fully inspect each and every aspect of the site.

Bi-monthly visit with the same level of inspection as Platinum.

Monthly inspection to the same standard as the above two packages.

All these packages carefully inspect items from as small as a dripping tap to a full on leak or heating/boiler issue.

Our customers hire us to make sure that:

  • Their properties are always maintained at the highest impeccable standards for arrival and habitation throughout the year
  • Any and all problems within the property are identified and dealt with in a pro-active manner and not after they become a larger problem.
  • The neighbouring properties are not negatively impacted by any problems at their homes.
  • Their properties are safely secured and inspected for any signs of criminal mischief on a regular basis. Our services can often reduce the cost of your home and content insurance.

Many of our clients often refer to our team as their eyes and ears in the UK allowing them to have total peace of mind that small problems are swiftly identified and dealt with before they become larger and more expensive issues.