Joinery & Carpentry

At Adivo Homes, we pride ourselves on being able to cater to any of our clients need in our bespoke joinery service. Our recent projects have included one-off cabinets in bathrooms and dressing rooms, custom-made seats for homes and offices as well as customised working and decoration tables.

We are also happy to undertake larger projects within your home whereby we can complement the windows and doors with staircases, entrance features, and a variety of outdoor installations.

Unlike some joiners, all of our work is carried out in-house and is created using traditional joinery methods. This means we can create products often without resorting to adhesives or mechanical fasteners. We have our own dedicated workshop in London employing the best people and using the highest quality of products. Our traditional methods mean that we can offer you authenticity in every aspect of your project, even in the manufacturing process.

With all of our joinery projects, we’re able to offer a huge range of customisation, right down to the last detail. Our dedicated paint sprayer means that you can get your product looking exactly how you want it, even if you just want your new joinery to exactly match existing features. We can also supply a range of high-quality hardware to personalise your products exactly to your liking, so you can select which type of handles and hinges will best complement your final product.