Our Values

Construction and the building trade has for decades been associated with unreliability and lack of transparency. We felt the same when we started Adivo Property Services and needed these services for our clients and businesses. This is when we decided to build a team to do it for ourselves.

However, we never forgot why we formed our own team and it is these values that shape us today:

  • We are only a success if our clients feel that we took their stress away from them.
  • We don’t start what we cant finish on time and budget.
  • We keep our customers informed and are always available for updates as and when required.
  • We don’t add costs unless they are discussed and agreed with you.
  • We don’t delay projects unless you add to our scope and agree the time extension.
  • We don’t make promises we can’t keep.

Building works will always come with problems, but problems are never an issue when you are working with partners who know how to anticipate them and handle them. This is what we pride ourselves on at Adivo Homes.

We cant promise that there wont be problems but what we can promise is that your problems are ours and we will find a solution to them.